Monday, September 21, 2009

The Rag Bag

All those clothes we've given away over the years. What happens to the ones so tacky that even a thrift store can't sell them?

Some of them are turned into rags. The Handy Husband bought a box of rags for the dirty work in the garage. "Wiping Pals?"

These appear to be knit terry rejects from the 80s.

The Beach Babe halter top --

A chunk of a monogrammed bathrobe--

Look! We had quite a chuckle over the lavender choners--

They got a little dirty --

What will come out of the box next?


Lala said...

HA HA! Choners! That must be a SB term, coz I haven't heard that uttered by any one but myself for eons!

Thanks for the comment, it's good to be back.

Pretty Things said...

Choners? I've never heard that term!