Friday, October 02, 2009


I've had a number of frustrations annoyances little things that bugged me oopsies recently.

Last Thursday, Ernest left a message that he needed his sax by 1:30 (on a day he DIDN'T have band). I got home at 1:15, hot and sweaty, to find the message. So I got it to him by 1:25, only to have him say he didn't need it because he had arranged to borrow one. So I lugged it back to the car in a very grumpy mood. (Why didn't he call back to say he didn't need it????).

The next morning, the Handy Husband and I swapped cars, because I planned to take his truck in for an oil change. I remembered to take my personal items (school first aid bag, whistle, hat, spray bottle) out of my car the night before. But I forgot to look in the trunk. After the HH left, I searched for Ernest's lunchbag, and then I remembered...I visualized myself flinging it into the trunk along with the sax while I had my little hissy fit.

At the oil change, the quoted half-hour wait had turned into an hour. I bickered about that, because it was HOT outside. They managed to get it done in the 40 minutes I had to spend at Taco Bell (the nearest air-conditioned space).

At Albertson's that same day, I was scolded for not having my wine bag. Because IT TOO WAS IN THE TRUNK OF MY CAR.

On Sunday, Ernest tripped over a hose and broke a sprinkler pipe at his cousin's house.The HH ran over and shut off the geyser of water and fixed it the next day.

Albertson's was rude again on Wednesday. I wanted a piece of salmon, not all 2.6 pounds of the slab. But they will only cut a piece in half. Half a piece will not cut it with me. I should have shopped at my local-family-owned market, where they actually do provide service. But I had to deposit my paycheck, and the bank branch is in Albertson's. (Note to Self - I could make the deposit and then just leave. Or I could sign up for direct deposit.)

Not only did the meat person thwart me, but the checker rang up items that weren't mine and then blamed me for it. Excuse me, but I put the bar down behind my items! Blame the person behind me, who crowded her stuff too close and pushed some of it past my bar! And after the checker grudgingly voided the wrong items, she ignored my produce, which was still sitting in front of the bar.

And the HH is stressing because he is busy at work (new sales records set this month!), his car parts have not arrived, and he has to go to Singapore next week.

I had a performance appraisal today, but at least THAT went well!!!!! "Mrs. STM is friendly, knows all the children, and always steps in to help." Or something like that.

OK, I'm done now.

But if you have anything you'd like to RANT about, please feel free! My ear and shoulder are both available.


Jen on the Edge said...

What a Grrrrrr kind of a week. Hopefully, your weekend will be better.

Grace and I spent 10 minutes in the car griping about the guy in front of us with his cigarette hanging out of his window. Because of him, we had to roll our windows up so that we wouldn't have to smell his smoke. Surprisingly, he didn't toss the butt onto the road, which we were predicting.

Frogs in my formula said...

WHY can't my husband put his dirty clothes in the basket when it's sitting RIGHT THERE?


Sorry to hear about your week.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I would definitely not frequent that Albertsons anymore.

I don't know why my husband thinks washing and drying is doing laundry. NO. Doing that PLUS folding is doing laundry.

Pretty Things said...

How about being in a book club only for two sessions because of one rude member? Who accuses people of not paying enough for their meal? And denigrates people for liking the book (that I chose) because if they DID like the book, they couldn't POSSIBLY be a good mom?

Yeah, I had a cranky weekend. Glad I got that off my chest.

Pass the freaking pie.