Monday, October 26, 2009


The fridge is fixed. And only $106! That's almost not worth haggling over with the warranty people.

I wonder what my spoiled food cost will be. The yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and lunchmeat are toast, so to speak. Fortunately I stuck the milk and eggs in Erik's tiny refrigerator--had to take the shelves out! The produce is wilted but edible.

What about the condiments, I ask you? Are the 4 jars of pickles (kosher dills, sweet gherkins, bread & butter pickles, sweet pickle relish -- you can't have too many pickles in my opinion) still edible? Or the 5 jars of mustard (dijon, yellow, Jack Daniels, Cajun, Sweet'n'hot -- ditto)? 4 jars of jelly? Capers, grape leaves, horseradish, and red curry paste? Syrup, teriyaki sauce, lemon juice, lime juice. 4 kinds of salad dressing. Barbecue sauce, tahini, chocolate syrup. Marinated dried tomatos, kalamata olives, and maraschino cherries. And how could I forget the ketchup and bacon bits????

In other good news, the computer is working too. After spending a long time lying on the floor wiggling and jiggling wires, I found the culprit to be the plug plugged into the plug strip. Maybe we jarred it loose while pulling and pushing on the refrigerator.

What else will break? Things come in threes! Oh, wait! The first thing already happened. Last week Ernest was trying to get the blender off the top of the refrigerator...and knocked down the lemon juicer...which smashed my butter dish. Thank goodness for

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Jen on the Edge said...

I'm glad you were able to get your fridge fixed. What a bummer that you lost all that food.