Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

My sons have recently become obsessed with Klondike bars. So we're constantly joking about "what would you do?" Maybe that's why they've been so helpful to me lately!

The really good news is you can get a $1.00 off coupon here:

I'm not getting anything to plug Klondike bars, I'm just sharing the latest obsession in our house!


Jen on the Edge said...

I have to confess, Klondike bars don't do it for me. But I'm glad y'all are enjoying them.

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

I it has ice cream, I like it!!!

Louise said...

OMG!! Thank you! We LOOOOOVVVVE these!

And I have a dog named Klondike--not for the bar, but for a polar bear in a zoo. And when EVERYONE hears his name, they sing that song. For 13 years that has been going on!