Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Bought a Box of Meat

Yes, I admit it. I was suckered in by a man who rang my doorbell. Was I interested in buying some meat? Some of his customers were unavailable and he did not want to haul the meat back to Santa Ana for restocking. I knew it was a sales come-on, but when he opened the box and showed me the lovely steaks, and in his Russian accent offered a box of seafood for no extra charge...yes, I caved in.

Imagine my panic with the refrigerator situation. But fortunately the freezer was not affected and kept my lovely meat safe.

We've had, in no particular order: Coquilles St. Jacques* (scallops), Shrimp Chowder*, Surf-n-Turf (crabcakes and sirloin), NY strip steaks, bacon wrapped filets, and stuffed flounder. And a bunch of hamburgers.
*These required actual recipes!!!

I'm just loving this not-have-to-go-shopping thing. And the men are loving the food.

So? Did I overpay a little? Maybe. Is everyone well fed and happy? Yes. Net result: priceless.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

The meat guy who knocked on my door told me that his father owns the Bristol Farms market chain. (For you non-Californians, BF is a gourmet food market in California.) Well, then, I wondered as I shooed him away, why aren't you selling your meat there?

Anyway, I'm glad to know your meats are delicious. I sure would like to have my groceries delivered and avoid the whole shopping thing! :-D

Pretty Things said...

Every time those guys knock on my door I say, "I'm a vegetarian" before they can even get their spiel out. We bought a box o' meat from them once and it was rank, so I don't mind being rude.

I hope yours was goooood. Good boxes of meat are to be revered.

Jen on the Edge said...

I've only had that happen to me once and I took one look at the guy and said "You have got to be kidding." and then shut the door in his face.

barbra said...

My husband bought a bunch of meat from a guy with that exact same story. He threw in some seafood as well. It was a really good deal and wonderful meat. We wish he would come back!