Friday, April 23, 2010

Adventures with...

The "Meeting Bossy" part of the last two days will have to wait until Bossy posts her pictures, because no one else took any. Not me, not anyone else, unless they were really surreptitious with their cell phones. We were (well, I was) too busy looking at Bossy's cheekbones and perfect skin. Do I have to give up my title of Best Cheekbones now? I gave up the Perfect Skin title several years ago. And we were also too busy talking.

Bossy's HAWT and dressed like a rock star, but she is also the nicest person. You just love her when you meet her.

I had a great time and met some more wonderful bloggers. But let's wait for the pictures.

In other news, Flat Debbie had a great time. Yes, Debbie, you have become the new Flat Stanley. And you are much prettier and WAY more fun!

She had her picture taken with Bossy and the very young cameraman. But while no one would put the REAL Debbie in a corner, Flat Debbie was placed on a table and missed the group picture. I did find her and take her home so she wouldn't have to spend the night in the bar.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another Flat Debbie adventure. I love her! I want to take her everywhere!


JCK said...

You DO have beautiful cheekbones, and do not have to give up your title.

Great to meet you this week at the Bossy get together.

Jodi Anderson said...

Last time that Bossy came to the nearest city, Madison, I had to ditch it because my mom had to have surgery. This time, I had hoped to overcome the obstacles that make it difficult to attend, like the fact that I don't drive at night, but then I found out about the camera people being at the events. I had figured that it would already be difficult enough to get out of having my photo taken, but a video camera taping the whole thing?!! Yikes.

I'm a terrible control freak when it comes to cameras. :/

I look forward to your photos. :) Have a fab weekend.

Jason, as himself said...

I know. I keep checking to see if Bossy has the LA pictures up yet, rather obsessively. How is it that NONE of us took any pictures? Are we not bloggers? What's up with that?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love that you did this.

You know what I'm thinking? You always have to drive to the blog get-togethers. You should hold one in your little resort town and JCK and I and all your other blog friends should make a weekend of it!