Thursday, April 22, 2010

Things I Like

Well, hello! Things are looking up. There is good news this week, as opposed to last week!

Three things...

#1... Tonight Bossy's (No) Book Tour hits my closest major ginormous megalopolis. I was sorry to miss the San Diego meet at Jenn's house (and how great a hostess is she, she invited me personally!), but the Encino meetup is a lot closer, it's at an intriguing restaurant, I get to see Barbra again, and most importantly the Thursday evening date allows me to take the following FRIDAY off. (Because I don't want to drive home 2 hours late at night. I'm wussy like that.) And a Friday off is way better than a Wednesday off, in my opinion, if only because I don't have to get coverage for lunch duty on Fridays! But what do I wear?

Because Bossy looks like this.

With legs that go on forever, and I hear her arms are really long too which accounts for how she can take those great self portraits. Bossy photo shamelessly stolen from her Facebook page.

And I look like this.

(Humming, "I'm a little teapot.." etc.) Heh. I'm thinking basic black, with my new Lori Anderson necklace.

#2... This Shrek preview cracked me up! Puss in Boots is fat.

#3... And most importantly, Desmond made the cabana. Henry Ian Cusick. Lost.


Oh yeah, any suggestions for what I should do on Friday? I'm thinking the Getty Museum ( because every other time I passed by there driving sons to the airport, it was a Monday and they were closed. )


jenn said...

Oooh, pretty necklace! Have fun - I'd love to meet Bossy some day. :)

Jen on the Edge said...

You bought that necklace?!?!?!? I've been salivating over it, hoping that Pete would take my hints and get it for me. Lucky you! When *I* come to your neck of the woods (hopefully April 2011), I expect you to wear that bad girl when we meet.

Aunt Snow said...

You looked wonderful - I love that sweater you were wearing.

Bossy is even taller than my husband!

JCK said...

I LOVE Desmond!! Am a LOST fan. Haven't missed an episode.