Monday, July 12, 2010

Pie Recovery

Frank had some crust leftover from the last pie, so he decided on Chocolate Mousse Pie next. OK, neither one of us has ever made chocolate mousse from scratch, so out came the good old Joy of Cooking (1970s version -- I'm old school here).

We followed the mousse recipe exactly, but it stayed a runny mess. Frank toyed with the idea of calling it Chocolate Soup, but eventually he poured it in the pre-baked crust and put it in the freezer. Voila, Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie.

It tasted pretty good.

Here's to a great recovery from a culinary disaster -- that's what cooking is all about!


Jason, as himself said...

Hey! You would never be able to tell that it was a near disaster. Looks yummy.

Aunt Snow said...

Ummmm!! Doesn't look disasterous at all!

My son is trying to get into the act - he's found a chocolate cream pie recipe with a meringue topping we need to try this weekend.