Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunny Shoreline Saturday

The June Gloom actually lifted for a change!

I caught a lizard sunning itself.

And a rare treat, a small flock of pelicans.

Oh, I do love that camera.

The Reason for the Pelican

The reason for the pelican
Is difficult to see;
His beak is clearly larger
Than there's any need to be.

It's not to bail a boat with-
He doesn't own a boat.
Yet everywhere he takes himself
He has that beak to tote.

It's not to keep his wife in-
His wife has got one, too.
It's not a scoop for eating soup.
It's not an extra shoe.

It isn't quite for anything.
And yet you realize
It's really quite a splendid beak
In quite a splendid size.

by John Ciardi


Mom on the Run said...

We had more gloom than not while we were in California....but it was still a great trip. Actually, it's so hot here, it felt kinda good! I did some beach walking and picked out a dream house (or ten!)

Linda said...

Oh, how lovely!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If/when you make it back to San Diego, I will take you kayaking in the bay--the pelicans swoop down right in front of you and it is way cool!

Susan said...

Nice pictures to see while we are having a rare summer storm moving through here in NorCal.

Pretty Things said...

I love that poem -- can't believe I've actually heard it before! They're so cool (particularly in "Finding Nemo" -- mine mine mine mine!)