Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nothing to Complain About

My blog fodder's been pretty dull lately and I've had nothing to complain about. But that's a good thing.

School's out, so I don't have to work. Frank and Ernest put together and sealed these great chairs to lounge in. The chairs were on sale at Ace Hardware for Memorial Day Weekend...$29.99 each, I think. They ordered the ottomans for me. I think I still need to pay the guys for their labor. The store would have charged $10 each for assembly.

I have to drive Ernest to the zoo a lot, but then I get to hang out in paradise.

The zoo, the beach, the art museum, and several movies. It's cheaper for me to go to the movies...I could spend far more money in 2 hours than the price of the matinee. I've seen The Beginners, Bridesmaids, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Midnight in Paris, The Tree of Life. All those kinds of movies that my guys aren't interested in. With the guys, I've also seen Pirates, X-Men, Super 8 (fantastic) and Green Lantern (forgettable).

Handy Qed some tri-tip out of the freezer this week and complained how full it was. It is a very small freezer. So I've embarked on "Clean Out the Freezer Week." I threw out some odd chicken parts from 2010, but the rest of the cache isn't too old. Tonight is chili -- I only have to warm it up.

So let's recap...lounging, movies, easy cooking. I have it made.

What's going well for you this week?


Pretty Things said...

LOVE when cats lie like that! Vernon flops over on his side like he's a dog every morning, waiting for me to pet his belly JUST so he can bite me.

dkuroiwa said...

...and didn't you win some earring over at the Manor?? lucky, girl.

by the way...i'm lusting after those chairs...really. i am.

have a great weekend...we're looking at a sleepover party with 5 3rd grade boys on saturday night for koji's birthday. i must have had a loss of my senses when i said "yes". ;-D

Jen said...

Having nothing to complain about sounds just lovely.

I'm enjoying a day off work because the teachers are on strike here, but only at my daughter's secondary, not at my son's primary. So I've been out for breakfast with friends, been shopping with daughter, now we're home and watching iplayer before picking up the boy.

Jason, as himself said...

It's a good problem to have...but sometimes it makes blogging boring, doesn't it?

It sounds like you're having a perfect summer.

Susan said...

What a lucky woman!

Glennis said...

That top photo looks like Jack our dog!