Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spoke too Soon

I've has this weird cold for over a week, every day a new symptom. A sore throat on Wed., sneezes on Thursday, coughs on Friday. Saturday brought me a sinus headache which changed on Sunday to a sharp intermittent pain behind my left ear: the temporal/mastoidal area to be exact. I warn you: do not Google search that... you do not want to know about mastoidectomies and temporal arteritis.

So I've had the stabby headache for several days...pain relievers did not help but plain old caffeine did. So did a glass of wine. Yesterday it was better...only an occasional toothpick poke in the head instead of a bamboo skewer stab and I prematurely posted this as "At Last" meaning at last it was over, but it was back again in the middle of the night. Again, after a cup of coffee this morning, it subsided. But I can't drink coffee all night!

(Note to not try to post from phone when using big words. That is a different kind of headache. Mr. Spellcheck, I really did mean to say "arteritis," not "asterisk!")

Meanwhile, I've got 4 days of Driving Mr. Ernest ahead.

Thursday's movie will probably be Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

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Linda said...

I'm laughing as I read this because an earlier version came in on my reader this morning, but when I clicked on it to leave a comment, it wasn't there. So happy that you're feeling better, and that you've mastered posting from a smart phone!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, I feel miserable FOR you.