Monday, July 16, 2012

Itinerary: India, Part 2

Here is a link to People to People, the group Ernest is traveling with.

Their actual schedule may vary.  They may be ahead of themselves.  A Facebook message from a leader on Sunday morning (Sunday night for them) said they had already done the rafting, with the mountain climbing and rappelling to follow on Monday.  As I post this, Monday's almost over for them.  So who knows?  This is what was on the original schedule.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
• Begin your mountain adventure!  Note: the order of activities may vary due to the
mountain weather conditions.
• Start your morning with an exploration of rural Manali villages.  Here, you will
experience the life styles of residents in this remote mountainous region.  Keep
your eyes out for passing yaks!
• Gain insight into life in the villages during a visit to the local temple and houses in
the area.  Meet a local family and receive a warm welcome over tea.
• Explore Kothi Village before boarding your motor coach for the Solang Valley.
• Ride by cable car ropeway to experience the snow and majestic views of the
Himalaya Mountains. Enjoy some mountain trekking in your beautiful
• Have the option to try your hand at zorbing (globe-riding, sphering, orbing), an
exciting recreational activity where participants roll downhill in a large orb,
generally made of transparent plastic on a gentle slope or a level surface.

Manali; Himachal Pradesh Region
• Drive to Kullu and gear up for your river rafting adventure!  White water rafting is
all about team work and learning to paddle a raft on light river rapids with your
expert guides. Prepare to get wet as you cross the river!

Dharamsala, India
• Visit a local market before departing for Dharamsala.  Enjoy the scenic beauty of
the region as you cross mountain passes along the way.
• Relax and enjoy free time this evening after your mountain travels.

Dharamsala, India
• Begin your morning early with a Kora walk starting from His Holiness the Dalai
Lama’s Temple and learn about the practice of Tibetan Buddhism in this region.
Your delegation will receive a special welcome and introduction to Buddhism
from one of the high lamas.
• Enjoy the opportunity to interact with the children of the TCV (Tibetan Children’s
Village) during a special People to People moment.
• Participate in an educational workshop at the Norbulinka, Tibetan Cultural
• In the evening, enjoy the opportunity to meet with a local family and experience a
traditional cooking demonstration.
• Learn about local Tibetan traditions during a special cultural performance.

Dharamsala, India
• This morning, participate the Clean Upper Dharamsala Project through the
Tibetan Welfare Office.  Learn about environmental issues challenging the
population of the city including waste management. Work to help maintain areas
along the kora and around the Temple.
• Visit the Paper Factory and gain insight into how they are using collected
garbage to make recycled products. Recycling is one of the ongoing major
challenges to Indian cities.
• Continue serving the community in Dharamsala when you visit to a local
government school.  Work alongside students and get your hands dirty when you
take part in a service project to help improve the school facilities.


Janet said...

How did he get involved in this? Sounds like an amazing thing for a teen to experience :-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What an amazing experience!

I say over at Janet's that you saw Moonrise Kingdom this weekend--so did I and love, love, loved it!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh woooooooooow...... BUSY, hmm?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This sounds like a fabulous way to travel and get a taste for another country. Lucky Ernest!