Thursday, July 12, 2012

Itinerary: India, Part 1

Ernest left for India on the 10th and arrived on the 11th but the trip really starts today.  Or started for their today 12.5 (?) hours ago.

Note to Self: Self, if you have insomnia on a night a beloved child is flying halfway across the globe, do not IREPEATDONOT look on one of those flight tracking sites at 3 am. Because when it looks like the flight rerouted partway through Europe and then the green line stops in between two unfamiliar countries in what looks like a turbulent part of the world, Self's heart stops. In the morning, Self look at a better map and it is really the border between Georgia/Albania but that stopped green line still does Self's heart no good. And then Self thanks her lucky stars for Facebook, where a group leader just blackberried that they had arrived safely even before other websites had the information. And Self mentally screams at the flight tracker's misinformation and vows that she will not look at the site again, but Self knows a self can't help herself and will look again when said beloved child is on the way home.

It's so hard to make that Self quiet, isn't it.

SO!  Ernest's done some sightseeing already today!

Old and New Delhi, India
• Begin your first day in India with a visit to Old Delhi.
• Visit Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India.  Explore the winding streets of
Old Delhi by rickshaw.
• Take in the iconic Red Fort, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.  
• Enjoy a walk through the grounds of the Raj Ghat Memorial commemorating
great leaders including Mahatma Ghandi and Indira Ghandi.  View the black
marble platform marking the location of Mahatma Gandhi’s cremation, now lit by
an eternal flame celebrating the “father of the nation.”
• Discover Humayun’s Tomb, the most beautiful monument in the city.
• Stop at India Gate War Memorial and pass Parliament as you discover India’s
modern political history.
• Experience the Qutab Minar, a tall tower built by conquering Mughal leaders
which is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Next, some service work.

New Delhi, India
• Explore new levels of service learning at Deepalaya Gram, Gusbethi Village.
• Experience an exclusive day long program specially designed for People to
People Student Ambassadors to be immersed in service work with local students
and build lasting relationships through cultural exchange.
• Student will break into smaller groups and assist in a variety of roles from
teaching English to helping with typing and computer skills.
• After lunch, try your hand at cricket. Learn some rules of the game and play a
friendly match against students at the school.
• Roll up your sleeves and prepare to help repair and paint classrooms at the
school.   Your work will be greatly appreciated by the students and teachers at
the school!

Shimla, India
• Learn about the colonial history of the British Empire during your visit to Shimla,
the summer capital of British India.
• Stroll through the town and see how life in Shimla revolves around the busy mall
road in the center of town.
• Your Delegation Manager will share the highlights of the town during your visit to
the Christ Church, Gaiety Theater and the Vice Regal Lodge.

Manali; Himachal Pradesh Region
• This morning, say goodbye to Shimla and board your motor coach for Manali!
• Enjoy a mountain drive and the dramatic scenery of this region as you learn
about the local people and the area’s flora and fauna.
• Relax this evening and take some time to catch up on your journaling

Ok, I am breathing deeply and calmly and trying to relax too.  More itinerary in a few days!


Janet said...

This is a trip he will NEVER forget!!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh dear, poor Self. I get her.

Wow! What an amazing adventure! I admire you both.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This self worries simply sending a kid to college. Your self has nerves of steel -- not to mention raising a pretty incredible kid! Hang in there friend.