Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Redux

Yes, I lied. There really were presents. The heirloom SpongeBob bag contained water balloons. (On a previous birthday, I was told: "You can't ever give away that bag.")

That hand painted wrapping paper? Ernest himself made it a number of Christmases ago. But he was mostly interested in that little thingy with the apple on it.

iPod Touch. W00t!

And there was cake for school. He wanted brownies, but brownies and I just don't get along. They are either too hard around the edges or too mushy in the middle. So we made a big cake.

Ernest was out of the house, so I saved the beater for him to lick.

It truly is the Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever.

So that was Friday's cake. We had another cake for the folks at home, but due to circumstances beyond our control (full bellies) no one was able to eat any more cake Friday night. Saturday was taken over by the trip to Magic Mountain. Instead, we saved it for Sunday. Mr Thomas aka Busy helped with the candles. He did a good job.

Pucker up and blow!

I hope all his wishes came true!


Pretty Things said...

That sounds like an absolutely fabulous birthday!

(And now I want cake...)

Anonymous said...

Actually, Duncan Hines mixes make acceptable brownies - certainly better than my from scratch ones

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Did you know (you probably do) that the iPod touch has email capabilities so long as you're connected to a wireless network? I did not know this until I got an email from Laura sent from her iPod touch. WTFrick?

Happy Birthday!

I'm hungry for cake now.

Strictly said...

Love the heritage bag!

Flutterby said...

What fun! I am still amazed at how many birthdays there are around here this month! Blog friends birthdays, their kids birthdays... just seems like a lot of them!

Noodle said...

Very nice lookin' birthday! I love the heirloom bag. Obviously he needs a gift in that bag every year! :-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

If you're going to blog about cake I'm going to have to help myself to one of the brownies calling my name from the kitchen.

It sounds like a great birthday--good job, Mom!

dkuroiwa said...

What a great birthday!! and really...if anything is going to be an heirloom for a kid, it might as well be Spongebob (who totally rocks the Kuroiwa boys world!!)

and what IS it about brownies?? mine end up totally crusty on the outside and the middle is just waaay too moist!
my kingdom for Duncan Hines over here!!!

April is such a great birthday month!!

Tricia said...

I hope all his wishes come true too. And that cake looks to die for!

Anonymous said...

you've posted that recipie before, and it is the BEST!
And? Kitchen Aid mixer! Mine is red, what color is yours?

Vanessa said...

That's one good looking cake! Save me some? ;-)