Friday, April 24, 2009

i think...therefore i blog....

I've done a couple posts on the economy's effect on our lives. I want to thank you all for your positive and insightful comments. We're fine, really.

I always got top marks on performance reviews for being "flexible," and I am being that now. Yes, I am quite prideful on my flexibility. I even told the school I would be willing to work with kindergarteners. (Ulterior motive...Mr. Thomas will be in K next fall!!!!!!)

So here are my most recent thoughts...

I think the HH's company will get some sales soon and we will get that deferred salary back in the future. This company has honest owners. How many people can say that about their employers?

I think the school will need at least one more aide and I am the first one that will be hired back. I think there will be several teachers that will want me back.

I think I need to take some meds for my PMS.

I think I have good friends. Friends from the present, friends from the blog...and friends from way back....

I think that the universe totally shifted in some strange way because Frank took out his garbage without being asked. (We watched an alien movie last night: The Day the Earth Stood Still -- Keanu Reeves was a nice alien --- did he leave an aura around Frank's garbage???)

And in my microuniverse, that last thing???? Was the most meaningful. Sad to say, the highlight of my day was that Frank took out his garbage.

But small things are building blocks.


Jen said...

That would have been my highlight too!

Vanessa said...

Small things are building blocks and if you put your energy toward what you are grateful for, things don't seem so bad and in fact, can look pretty bright.