Friday, April 03, 2009

Bus Tours

Living in a tourist location, we get a lot of bus tours going through town.

The Wine Country tours are very popular. Cycling tours are appearing more and more. The large generic tour buses are an everyday fixture. Just this morning one was parked outside the school! No, they weren't touring the school, they were photographing the church on the corner.

But the craziest tour I have seen is this: the Repo Home Tour. I am serious. I saw one of these parked downtown last Saturday.

What's the craziest thing you've seen lately?


jenn said...

That's nuts. And kinda tacky.

The craziest thing I've seen around here lately is my nutso cat repeatedly launching herself at the (closed) window trying to get the birds on the other side. Sigh.

Vanessa said...

The Repo Home Tour? Crazy! The craziest thing I've seen lately is a guy using ski poles to walk through the mall parking lot to his car. I tried to get a picture, but unfortunately I was driving at the time.

Pretty Things said...

Oh wow, that IS odd!

We recently had a huge old house (over 100 years old old) get picked up and moved a few miles down the road!