Friday, May 01, 2009

Reasonable Precautions

I'm not wearing a mask or anything, but I do work in a school full of little Petri dishes children.

I take reasonable handwashing whenever I can.

Today I saw young Master C stick his right index finger up his nose, probe around, and then put the finger in his mouth. And presumably whatever came out of his nose went into his mouth, too. Eeew, a bugger eater! And he was just about to be called to use the classroom computer.! "C!" I cried, interrupting the teacher's conversation with the ELD teacher. "Go wash your hands." She gave me a mental high five. And less than 5 minutes later, there was young Master P with his fingers in his mouth...both hands. And he was about to hand a paper to the teacher. "P! Go wash your hands." And the teacher said "I don't even want to touch that paper." And I agreed.

And this is not some knee-jerk reaction to the H1N1 (Hiney is my word) flu virus....we've been dealing with this for the whole school year.

And I'm guilty of the fingers in my mouth thing...I bite my nails. But I try not to do it in public, and I wash my hands. Again and again and again.... And again and again and again. I think they are getting chapped.

But Holy Moly, today I saw a child eat his bugger. I am SO glad it is the weekend.


jenn said...

Ew. And time to invest in a biohazard suit in order to work with the little buggers. Ha. Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

3rd grade is a bit more evolved. One nice parent gave each student a small bottle of antibacterial gel and we keep a giant size one for the classroom. First thing each morning, the helper of the day goes around giving everyone a squirt.

However, "wash your hands" is still the class mantra.

Susan said...

This is why I could never work in a school. Thank goodness for those of you who do!

dkuroiwa said...

Bugger-eating kids?
Sadly...i live with one...and he is sneaky about it, too. pretty much grosses me out...and then, I saw him with a goup of his friends? yeah...they all do it...and they seem to not even realize that they are doing it.
~~sigh~~I wish this was the end to the grossness, but...I'm pretty sure this game has just started.

by the way...our kids always have masks with them, tissues and small hand towels (for when they wash their hands)...their school now has bottles of the antibacterial gel in all the classrooms.
Everyone got a handout on the correct way to wash hands...even my husband's company sent them copies.

Flutterby said...

I guess they figure it's a better way to get rid of it rather than leaving it somewhere! *SQUUUICK*

I have always called my daughter a walking petri dish. She catches every freaking thing that comes along. And she's 16.

I figure if the hini flu shows up here, it's only a matter of time until it finds her.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

You probably just need to carry antibacterial in your pocket.

Vanessa said...

I love it that you call it "hiney"! I also think the media is trying to scare people. Flu kills people every year in this country whether they were vacinated or not. In 1976 there was a "swine flu" outbreak and more than 30,000 were vacinated and of those NOT vacinated, only one person died. I think its about overall health, good hygiene and common sense.