Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I honestly don't know if I'm going to make it till spring break, let alone the end of the year. I would have stayed home today (sore throat) but it's not worth the four phone calls I'd have to make to stay home.

Last week one tattler boy told me, "X says you have big fat [ethnic slur redacted -- it wasn't even my ethnicity] boobs." This week, we found a boy had written "bitch ass" on a paper. Probably about me because I made him do his math facts over again and he had a hissy fit. Someone else has lice, so my skin is crawling now.

The level of disrespect just keeps rising. Do their parents put up with it at home, or is that who they are learning it from? I asked the tattler worst offender what his parents do when he talks back. He said they ground him. I said I could ground him from recess! The look of horror!!!

I used to be a kind and patient person, but I guess now I'm just a bitch ass. They make me that way.

I need to hear something nice. Tell me something that's sweet in your world.

Like today is free cone day at Ben and Jerry's.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh honey, hugs. That's a rough thing to go through. But stand firm. I'm cheering for you!

dkuroiwa said...

oh....man. i remember that. hang in there...spring break WILL make it better.
something nice?
find yourself a little kid you like and color some eggs (i suggest blowing some, koji had a blast doing that). sit at the table, with some grape kool-aid on the side, cut some sponges to use (we had a Speckles kit), talk about cousins and family, what you want to have for dinner that night (taco rice!) and whatnot. in about 30 minutes, you'll feel better....or you should...I know I did!!! <3