Monday, April 04, 2011

Ukulele, Baby

I think it's the year of the ukulele.

(Photo from Wikipedia.)

Thursday night we saw the Ukulele Renegade, Jake Shimabukuro. He is FANTASTIC!

And Eddie Vedder has a ukuleke album coming out, and a short summer tour. SB Bowl, July 9th!

If only someone in my house could play this one.


Janet said...

That's a beautiful uke!!! BTW...I was just readying a post for tomorrow that'll have a video from youtube in it and I had the same problem you do...that it was too big and went over into the right hand column. I found an area at the bottom of the video on youtube where you can create the size you want.

Susan said...

I love listening to ukulele! Thanks for the video!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Of all the instruments you didn't see making it to the top of the pop charts, ukelele and accordion.

Glennis said...

Love that family ukelele! What's the story behind it?

Susan said...

Love the video and am a longtime uke fan, too.