Saturday, April 02, 2011

Welcome Weekend

I'm always grateful my home life is calm and stable, because things go a little crazy at work.

Always Usually Lately, it's the second grade boys that have been acting up. It used to be I had trouble with the soccer players, but now four-square is the crazy dangerous game.

Friday culminated in five a whole bunch of boys from my class spending some quality time in the superintendent's office, for a variety of reasons: A showed up with a mohawk, B spanked a girl and called her a wiener, C threw a ball in someone's face, and I'm not sure what D and E did but it must have been something.

And it wasn't just my class, because at morning recess the superintendent was chastising an equally large group of boys from another class. These boys all have spring fever. Spring Break can't happen soon enough but it's still two weeks away...why oh why do we have ours so late???


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

They're always revved up when the barometer goes into flux. And boys. They can be such...BOYS!

Katie's Crafts and Cats said...

At least you guys get a spring break. My school gets Good Friday off and that's it. We don't even get the Monday after Easter off. :P