Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Off

Day 1:

I housecleaned. Mostly related to cats. Vacuum cat hair. Clean cat barf. Deodorize cat pee. Clean cat boxes. I also did laundry, dishes, and whatnot. And cooked. Quiche.

Day 2:

I achieved my spring break goal. Return my sewing room to a useable state. Gentle readers, there is no before picture. I assure you, you would have been paralyzed. Boxes of Christmas stuff, still out! In April! A bed (formerly Ernest's), leaning against the wall. Oh, I dare not confess any more but it was bad. Bad to the bone. Now it's tolerable.

Surprisingly, this massive improvement took less than two hours. It wore the cats out, investigating all the activity and running up and down the stairs after me. They were so tired, they didn't even make their usual meow at dinner time...Handy carried them downstairs (yes, they're spoiled).

The room's not perfect, but the bed is in place (replacing a cot which is now in a closet). Francine approves.

Christmas things also closeted. Knicknacks on the shelf.

Art on the wall. (My own copy of Jessie Willcox Smith.)

But now, what do I do with 49 barbies? I loved them when I bought them but stacked on a shelf where I cannot see them does me no good at all. This one says "Hi and Happy Birthday" to Debbie! I think she'll stay out and visit for a while.

And where do I put my Godey's lady's book pictures? (They used to be in Frank's bathroom, but I had to remove them. It wasn't right to expose those ladies to a mancave.)

I also took a walk. Bought 2 books. (Read that, read that, read that too. It's tough for me to find paperbacks.) Paid for Ernest's bike shorts. Nice store...if they know you they let you pay later. Cooked dinner (what else is new).

Day 3 : I haven't really gotten started yet, but I know we need cat litter!


Janet said...

what a perfect gift for Debbie and today was her birthday!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have a mattress leaning up against the wall in a bedroom too. We can't get rid of it though because it's an extra mattress (on top of the 6 beds we have!) and we use it several times a year.

Isn't it amazing that you put something off and off and then it takes 2 hours and you wonder why the heck you didn't do it sooner?!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is inspiring. I wish I had my act together enough to scratch away at the piles building in my house.