Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Time Warp Tuesdays: NYC 2007

Thanks to Jenn's new Time Warp Tuesday, it's a great opportunity to revisit those old photos we may have hanging on our walls or stored in a box. In my case, these were in my semi-walk-in closet. Into which I couldn't walk at all until I tidied up this afternoon.

I have mentioned before my weakness for theme park pictures. My family hates it when I stop to buy them, but really, years later, isn't it fun to look back?

These are from a trip Ernest and I took to New York in 2007. We were very brave and adventurous (for me, not for him!) and traveled all over on the subway, including to Coney Island.

Of COURSE we had to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island.

He was on a quest for a suit jacket which we found at Macy's.  So I had a handsome date for dinner at Tavern on the Green.  You guessed it, tourist pictures there, too!

*  *  *  *  
Although I was blogging back then, I only shared one picture from the trip.  Here are a few more, to complete my trip down memory lane.  Wow, Ernest has sure grown up in 5 years!

Ernest getting nommed at the American Museum of Natural History.

Donny Osmond as Gaston, closing night of Beauty and the Beast.  I won tickets from his website.

Coney Island, had to have a Nathan's hot dog!

On the Wonder Wheel.  The only other picture I have of us together.

Eating dinner at a French restaurant across the street from our hotel.

Playing the BIG piano at F.A.O. Schwartz.

Separated at birth????

 We had such a great time!


Susan said...

That looks like an amazing trip - how wonderful that you got to do it with him!

Jen said...

What a fun day, and great memories. Donny Osmond as Gaston??! Come on! That's a bit of a stretch. Sometimes you have to get the touristy photos, simply because it's the rare time we get to be IN the photos!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love the one of the two of you on the Wonder Wheel--priceless! What a great trip.

Thanks for playing!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

wow, the sidewalk French cafe across from the hotel, YES!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

That trip looks like a treasure trove of memories, and I'd say the Tavern on the Green photo was well worth the money. I have a friend who went there and I saw her photos but I never knew what it looked like inside -- here, you have a great photo of the two of you dressed up, the surrounding atmosphere AND the date imprinted to help you remember it all.

Back before they figured out we were all doing it, I'd snap a quick pic of our roller coaster shots when they were on the screen.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one humming "Sunrise, Sunset" right now?
What a great memory you made on that trip.

Janet said...

they're levitating! What gorgeous hair your son has :-)

Jen on the Edge said...

Oh my gosh, he really has grown a lot in the past five years.

Glennis said...

You guys look very happy!!!

And I LOVE the Cyclone. The best.