Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Candy Issue

Going back to Halloween... Once again, we were not in the mood to hand out candy to scads of adults who come to the door with a token baby. For example: Six adults with pillowcases and one baby who is too young to eat candy? Or bearded teenagers (no offense to Frank, but he's not a teenager any more).

But I did my part to support the economy at the grocery store by buying some (a lot of) candy favorites for the rest of the family. Me, throw me a piece of dark chocolate once in a while and I'll be happy.

However the men in my family have powered through umpteen bags of snickers and reeses. They are SO PICKY about the reeses. You'd think they'd all be grateful, but no. Some of them say they don't like the pumpkin shaped reeses. The chocolate:peanut proportions are different.

I purchase what I can find. We have a limited selection here in SmallTownVille.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Yeah, those itty bitty Snickers just aren't quite the right ratio of peanut-y goodness, either. *snort*
Did you bop them upside the head with the bag of unwanted candy?

I'm relieved to say I had no adults with small babies come to my door. I did have one young mom with a one-year-old in a stroller. He was gnawing on a candy bar and she had a lollipop in her mouth. (I'm pretty sure he was too young for that Baby Ruth.)

cookingwithgas said...

we live in the middle of no where and no kids find us on purpose- the 1/4 mile long drive keeps them away.
This year a friend with her 6 year old showed up. Thank goodness I had a granola bar handy!
He was happy with that but very disappointed with our friends who gave him a protein bar. They too get no kids... Mom took him to the real houses with candy and Halloween was saved!

Cassi said...

:-) My husband is also a picky Reeses lover.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate disappears fast around here, too.
I laugh at those grown ups who take babies trick or treating--idiots.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I think of all the creeps and pedophiles that you see on the county sheriff's map and think "by GOD if I had a kid, no way would I let them trick or treat!". I think schools, etc. should host costume parties, and it is VERY smart when stores and malls allow trick or treating, then parents love the stores and shop, all for the price of a small chocolate!