Friday, January 25, 2013

Another of Felix's Quirks

These three slices were next to each other inside the bag, but none match. I do not like to make a sandwich with mismatched bread.

Yet people continue to pull slices out at random. I can suffer, or I can solve my problem.

Sometimes I just trim the bread.

Better yet is to go Scandinavian with an open-faced sandwich.  Cuts calories that way, too!

And I believe I could suffer the mismatched slices if I panini-ed them into this delicious Turkey Apple and Brie sandwich shown on Idiot's Kitchen (the soup looks good too).

I showed that picture to Frank and he was all, "Apple?  In a sandwich?"  And I said, "Why not?"

I may be compulsively quirky in some ways but I am totally adventurous in others.

What's been your most adventurous food choice recently?


Janet said...

Toast! God, how I LOVE sourdough!

Hmmm...adventurous, eh? Perhaps the almond flour pizza crust. It was delicious!

Jenny Hart Boren said...

The absolute best part of Thanksgiving is a sandwich of turkey, thin-sliced tart apple, and Havarti or Gruyere, grilled in butter on sourdough bread. Yes, wonky slices trimmed to fit as needed!

These days I'm on the low-carb death march and I swear I'd fight you for even the wonky ones.

Anonymous said...

That is so weird. Adventures with food--none spring to mind. I had soup with potatoes and kale last night. That was new I guess.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hah, you KNOW I do that with our loaf too, grab whatever pieces I want! Maybe it is a guy thing?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

My kids know that if the bread slices don't match up, their lunches will look a little funny with peanut butter and jam spilling out onto the container.

I can recommend raspberry preserves on top of vanilla ice cream.
I drooled over that sandwich, too.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I adore turkey apple brie.

Why do they do that? Looking for the biggest pieces for a piece of toast maybe?