Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back in Black

Did I mention that Frank wears black?

A lot of black.

The exception? The day he got a hair cut he wore a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a blue flannel shirt, to be "different." People noticed.

He lives in 2 pairs of black jeans and 1 pair of black shorts. He has one white Korn t-shirt. The rest of his mostly black t-shirts come from concerts. Or the "What On Earth" catalog. I haven't done "back to school" shopping for him since he's been in high school because he never wants anything.

(I'm not a totally neglectful mother. I have purchased required clothing for the People to People trips: plain shirts and khaki pants. I make sure he has socks and underwear.)

Today, he finally decided he needed a new pair of black jeans. Because the wallet pocket has ripped out. Trying to foster some independence, I suggested he look at a local western-type store (the only menswear available in the 5 small towns in my area) or at the Mervyn's 20 miles (at least $6 in gas) away. Uh... no. He politely asked if I would please order him some pants on the internet.

What size? He wanted them a little longer than the last pair. You'll have to measure your inseam, I said. Stick the tape measure up into your crotch (because I'm not going to!) and hold it there. I'll stretch it down to your ankle.

OK, he's sized. And I searched. Cheap black jeans, you'd think they'd be all over the net but they weren't. Then I found a $20 pair on Amazon (my love) with free shipping (my even greater love). Bingo. Arriving Thursday. Did I mention I love Amazon?


Vanessa said...

Amazon can almost always save the day!

jenontheedge said...

I heart Amazon too.

Bunny Bunster said...

Underwear. That's a good thing to have!

MiCASA said...

My kids freak when I wear something that isn't black. I guess that's a bad thing.

David said...

My son is 14 and only wears one style of blue jeans and his size is always sold out. He only wears Pink Floyd or AC/DC t shirts.(We are 36 years apart in age and we both listen to the same music. I however refuse to wear a shirt with any printing on it.