Sunday, April 13, 2008

Art and Animals Field Trip

Our family's latest "field trip" was to the art museum and the zoo. At the museum, we saw "Over Rainbows and Down Rabbit Holes: The Art of Children's books." Beautiful art from Peter Rabbit, Ernest Shepherd's Pooh, Narnia, Wizard of Oz, Madeline, Babar, Eric Carle, Chris Van Allsburg, etc. I couldn't take a picture of the exhibit, but here is the foyer of the museum. At this moment, my camera ran out of memory. (No surprise, all my pictures since July 2007 were still on the memory stick.)

After deleting a few photos, we went to the zoo. Ernest knew his cousins were going there with their grandfolks. He wanted to invite himself along, but I didn't want to inflict another child on them! Even though he's a good child. So we all went. We enjoyed the penguin feeding and the train ride. Mr. Thomas said, "Thank you, Thomas!" to the train as he got off.

Not knowing how their mom feels about having their faces on the internet, I have blocked the cousins out with hearts.

Ernest still fits in the egg in the play yard:

This is how he and Frank fit into them in 7 years ago.

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Vanessa said...

I LOVE going to the zoo! Looks like it was a fun day.