Friday, April 18, 2008

Gearing Up...

...for an all-tween-uber-videogame-extravaganza TOMORROW MORNING!!!

Frank and MiddleChild (aka his stagebandfriend Kyle, but he's here so often he is our honorary middle child) are here tonight.

(Not such a crazy name: I knew someone in high school in 1978 who went by MiddleEarth. Yes, he was Tolkien-obsessed.)

Right now Ernest is reading out cheats for MiddleChild to enter into Guitar Hero III. E+MC (not squared yet) (ok, bad joke) + Frank have agreed to set up the TVs in the morning for....

Ernest's birthday LAN party. Saturday, 11-4. Why did I agree to a 5 hour party? There must be some happy parents out there because I am crazy. One boy is coming early, another boy is spending the night. Another boy is coming back on Monday (because there is no school).

And my right eye has been twitching... for days... from the potential stress? Ya think? Maybe I need to learn to say no. Ernest rocks, but I might be rolling...over...into...a long-but-not-long-enough-massage after I survive the party.

Oh, now I remember the funny anecdote from school today . They got a grant for P.E. equipment. I spied a memo, asking what the teachers wanted: suggestions were basket balls, bouncy balls, jumpropes, a male masseuse? Yeah, the administration was kidding but has a great sense of humor!

Me needs some magic fingers!!!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

A five hour party? Do you have someone tending bar for the adults, because I think beverages will be necessary. (Even if it is well before 5 p.m.)

David said...

We hosted Wonder Boys 14th birthday party here 2 weekends ago and had 7 rockers on a 45 hour rock band 111 marathon.
Mountain Dew and Dorritos were the appies and drinks de jour/eve/jour/ever.
Nice post as always