Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finish Before You Begin

I'm notorious in my home for wanting to know how things end. Before I finish them.

Books? I love to read the ending ahead of time. So I know where I'm going to. This drives Ernest crazy. He made me promise not to skip ahead to the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Because I love him, I kept my word. It was a struggle but I read it really fast so I only had to suffer for a little while. And I'm not posting any links to the ending because HE STILL HASN'T FINISHED THE BOOK. AND HE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO GET IT IN OUR TOWN! Can you tell that irritates me just a little bit?

Movies? Ditto. Here's where the Movie Spoiler website comes in handy.

The Point? My Handy Husband is a drag racing fan. Today's race is in Atlanta. It's tape-delayed. So during a commercial break, he checks out the NHRA website to find out that Ashley Force beat John Force in the funny car finals. So now he can kick back and relax. (Hope I haven't spoiled it for anyone else but I sense my regular readers are probably not watching drag racing right now. And by tomorrow it will be old news.)

I'm not alone! I'm so happy. I feel justified!


Anonymous said...

Once Around the Track by Sharyn McCrumb. Haven't seen this on your book list & it's a must read for the NASCAR aware.

Vanessa said...

No, you did not spoil anything for me. I don't care. At all. EVER. I remember coming from Seattle for a visit to see my parents (in Dallas) and my mother telling me to "sit right down, it's ok that you don't like Nascar. You'll learn." Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

OH NO! You don't really read ahead with books, do you?

barbra said...

I hate knowing the ending of a book ahead of time. I'm so glad you didn't read ahead on Harry Potter!!!!!! That would have ruined it.
Having said that, your boy needs to finish the gall-darn book! Hubby and Big Girl (the only kid old enough to read) both start books all the time that they never finish. This makes me insane. How can you be enjoying a book and not want to find out what happens?! Keep reading and finish it before you pick up another one!

(This does not apply to books you're not enjoying. I think it's okay to quit those.)

Anonymous said...

I've been known to take a peek at the ending of a book, but sometimes it throws everything way off, and I don't like that.
Actually, I saw that race....we were at Buffalow Wild Wings. I like loud fast cars. I don't know diddley about the drivers, but I like the cars!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My husband likes NASCAR. He just tivos the races and watches them in a fraction of the time!