Saturday, April 19, 2008

...Winding Down

It's 4:20 so technically the party's over, but 2 guests are still here. One's sleeping over and the other one is Ern, so it's cool.

It all went quite smoothly. 9 tweenish boys plus 3 big ones (Frank and friends). The big boys were the most trouble! They decided to play along with Rock Band on their own instruments: bass and banjo. This irritated the birthday boy. Especially because the big ones weren't playing the same song! The tweens ordered them to stop and eventually they left.

The menu was: video games (Rock Band with 4 players, Halo with 8), pizza, soda, chips and cake. I'm not nearly as stressed as I thought I'd be. Sometimes you get high maintenance kids, or whiners, or sore losers, or mortal enemies who glare at each other across the room. This group was evenly matched, because I reviewed the guest list with Ernest and told him if they don't like each other don't invite either of them.

Since they were low-maintenance, I retreated to the den with the laptop, emerging only to provide food and do laundry. Yay, retreat. Boo, laundry.


Anonymous said...

Glad you survived!

Vanessa said...


MiCASA said...

I may need to get survival tips from you later this year! I've been hit up for a Guitar Hero party - for the neighborhood! EEK!