Monday, August 04, 2008

Class of '78 Rules!

Here we are, ready for our 30th High School Reunion dinner. (I LOVE MY DRESS!) It was fun! We're the only class couple still together. (Our 25th anniv is coming up next month, but if you add the 6 years we "dated" it comes to 31. Wow!) However, we weren't married the longest. Someone else, married to a non-classmate, clocked in at 27 years. There were several 24 year marriages, too.

For fun, I brought this 8th grade picture (1974 -- back when we all looked good in bathing suits) to the picnic on Sunday. Can you find me and the Handy Husband? Frank couldn't, but Ernest could. Yay, Ernest.

Hint, the HH is seated on the ground and I'm seated on the wagon. Give up? I'll post clues or maybe an annotated picture later. Our Senior Class president is in this picture --he gets credit for arranging the reunions. Other classes are forgetful about reunions, but they don't have an on-the-ball president like our class does.

There were 4 grade schools that fed into our high school. Some folks we've known since we were small, others for only the high school years. It's a great bunch of people and it's fun to reconnect. It's funny how the mind works. The HH was talking to someone he didn't recognize, finally the guy said his name and CLICK, all of a sudden the memory banks fired and the person became totally familiar--one of his old buddies! We sat at dinner with another friend who was the HH's roommate after high school. He's got the nicest wife!

It was interesting to see where people's lives have taken them:

  • One man has become a college teacher (after a long career as a contractor) and is going to Iraq to teach English.

  • Another raises beneficial insects for the citrus industry.

  • The woman who lived down the street from me is a pilot.

  • It's too bad the music-teacher-turned-railroad-man wasn't there. An old friend of my husband's, he was fascinated by railroads as a child. Eventually he followed his dream and went to work on a train for real.

  • We wish the class brain (a really nice person) had been able to come. He's a trauma surgeon.

  • RIP to the two women who passed away too young.

  • We didn't talk about those rumored to be in jail!

We are the Champions!


Anonymous said...

In the 8th grade picture I found BOTH of you, and HH is sitting next to Tom Ives.

At graduation, no luck from the picture, but I was there in '78! Same bleachers, same sun in 2008.

And yes, the dress looks great.

Anonymous said...

You look great. Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! You look too cute (then) and totally hot (now)!
Love you-Echo

Louise said...

Very interesting anecdotes. My favorite is the one who raises insects. Prince Charming did his 30-year reunion this year. He really enjoyed it. (I didn't attend. Just back from another trip and didn't want to buy 4 airline tickets... if I went, the kids would have gone.)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a great time. Great dress.

Vanessa said...

What a great time and wonderful memories! Also a great picture of you and HH.

Mary Alice said...

I love the dress too. You guys are so cute both then and now. I LOVE to hear about high school sweethearts that made it long term. You all are lucky to have the on the ball class president, our class president should have been choosen more carefully. The 20th reunion was announced two days prior in our home county newspaper and involved an impromptu picnic in the park. I'm not sure how many actually were able to make that....but not us... from 9 states away. Grrrrr!

Anonymous said...

You both look great, but the dress is totally HOT!!
Great memories!!