Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frank Facts

This is a 3rd person commentary.

The family knows his mother has been fretting about Frank because of his tendency to can I say it politely...Procrastinate? Be lazy? Put things off?

He enrolled and did his tests early enough, but put off making the required counseling appointment. After much nagging suggestion by other parties, he finally tried to make the appointment but found that most of the appointments were booked. The earliest one he could get was a week before school starts. His mother was irritated and had to choke back the ITYS (I Told You So) reflex.

Today, he had the appointment and his mother was surprised that he managed to get some decent classes: English, Chemistry, Music Theory/Musicianship, which are all transferrable to the university.

It's not the greatest schedule -- On MW he has a 5 hour gap between 2 classes but hopefully he can go to work during the gap.

But he didn't write down the exact class #s and sections so he couldn't buy books today. He swears he will do it Saturday. His mother is concerned that the bookstore will run out of books before then. (Only because it happened to her once.)

He had over 2,000 text messages on the last cell phone bill. His mother had no idea. That new girlfriend is a textaholic.

His mother is glad summer is almost over.


Louise said...

Oh, poor you. I do not look forward with longing to teenage days. I pray those text messages were included in the plan.

Vanessa said...

Ummm, (shyly raising hand) textaholic here too. I'm not sure how many per month, but I get 150-200 per day. Thank you Twitter.

His books? He'll be lucky to get any. To save money the bookstores here haven't been ordering as many but he can always check Amazon Textbooks if he misses out.

smalltownmom said...

UPDATE: He did get his books. Whew! Can I stop worrying now? No, I'm sure I'll find something new to worry about.