Saturday, August 02, 2008

Japan, by Ernest

At long last, here are some of Ernest's pictures. He and Frank saw the same places, starting at opposite ends of the journey. So I've tried not to repeat the same things that were in Frank's photos. Ernest described all the photos to me when he got home, but now I've forgotten. I'll add some detail when he gets back from the zoo today.
Isn't this beautiful?

More bars in more places. Ernest wants to be an architect. He likes interesting buildings. This was taken from a 45th floor observation deck.
Pet dogs.

The Japanese Alps.


A fairy tale village.

Ernest snagged the coveted rear seat.

This beach and cave were in the opening of Prince Caspian.

Ringing the Peace Bell .
The Itsukushima Shrine at high tide. (Frank visited it at low tide.)

Friendly deer at the shrine.

The group!


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Louise said...

The pictures are fantastic, but the first one is more than that. Just wonderful, and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, dude! Those photos make me want to pack today and leave tomorrow for the enchanted emerald country. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, Ernest. Welcome back!


Vanessa said...

Would you happen to be adopting? Because your kids get to go on some of the most amazing trips! I also like the dog zip drives. I hope Ernest got one!