Sunday, August 31, 2008


I don't fall for that that Back to School major marketing ploy. Granted, it's far easier because I have boys instead of girls. They don't require scads of new clothes. Clad them in some black pants and concert t-shirts and they are happy campers... or happy as clams. Personally, I think they are more clam-like than camper-like.

When school let out in June, I collected all Ernest's unused supplies in a box. He was able to draw on these supplies last week. I did get him a new lunchbag, because his old one ripped over the summer. (Stuffing large plastic containers of chow mein noodles into a small bag will do that.) I also bought refills of .7 mil. pencil lead, for the large collection of mechanical pencils he already owned.

Regarding Frank: when he moved his room we put all the accumulated "school supplies" in a desk drawer. I hope he's been able to find what he needs. If not, he knows where his school bookstore is.

Ernest does need a belt (to hold up his pants because he is skinny) and 2 guitar straps (because he wants to start playing Frank's old guitar and bass)...but THAT IS ALL. That's all I'm going to buy until Christmas. (I say that now...please let me stick to that vow.)

There's no place in this small town to buy children's belts or guitar straps (the guitar store closed last year). So they will have to come from internet, or we can send Frank or the Handy Husband on a lunch-hour mission!

(By the way, I rough-drafted this post with my own personal supply of pencil and paper because the computers were occupied.)


Vanessa said...

And that sounds like true recycling to me!. Nicely done!

Noodle said...

Good for you!! I'm doing a personal challenge of non-buying for September. We'll see how it goes.

Did the grocery shopping yesterday as usual, but I'm starting a pantry challenge today. I may have to get creative with next week's menu!

barbra said...

I'm with you! So many of Big Girls' supplies I bought her last year (because they were on the Supply List the teacher sent home in the summer) came home at the end of the year barely used. So that made this year's shopping easier!

BTW, I wish teachers wouldn't put things on the "Supply List" unless the kids actually need to have them. C'mon, now!

Memarie Lane said...

I was in line at the store behind a lady who was buying a bunch of stuff from her kids' back to school list. One of the things she had to buy was several boxes of a certain kind of baggie. She was incredulous. "They better use them," she said, "because I don't use these, and if these are brought home at the end of the years someone's getting a bill!"

Tricia said...

Good for you! I often walk through the department stores thinking all those girl clothes are so adorable and wishing there were more choices for boys. When I'm over the pink-cuteness factor, I'm so glad to have a boy and to know I don't have to listen to all the new clothes pleading that comes with girls.