Thursday, August 28, 2008

B-Movie Marathon

A local video store is going out of business.

Long ago, Blockbuster quickly overwhelmed out the few mom-n-pop stores around here, but these folks came in later. They managed to hang on for a long time. I liked them because it was easier to find new releases there. Although the store always smelled funny. But then came along Netflix. Where it's harder to get new releases because they always have a LONG WAIT, but they arrive in my mailbox with no effort on my part.

Anyway, this store is selling off EVERYTHING (want a security system? or some wall units? or a bubble gum machine? or a Phantom Menace poster?) so Ernest and I bought a bunch of DVDs yesterday. Because they were there. On the way home from the orthodontist. Like I need more stuff.

Without planning this, Ernest and I have had an afternoon marathon of B movies. And by that I mean movies starting with "B".

Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control
Balls of Glory
Beowulf (currently running)
Bucket List (from Netflix) is scheduled for later, when the Handy Husband is home.
[update: There was also time for Blades of Glory]

Yes, Ernest did do his homework. And we're having leftover lasagne, so I'm off the hook!



Minnesota Matron said...

Sad for the loss of the independents, but a cool video project for you, those Bs!

Vanessa said...

I hate it that Blockbuster puts the independents out of business. There is so little for the little guy anymore.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Impromptu things like this are so much fun.

Noodle said...

I did the same thing last year when a little video store went out of business.

Um, does it show that I'm a *little* bit of a movie hound that I've seen every one of those movies?

I think I should hang my head in shame.