Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ernest announced yesterday, "I'm out of shape. I've lost all my lung power."

During the last school year, due to the weird scheduling of his math class, he had P.E. 4 days a week (twice with the 6th grade, twice with the 7th). He loved it. At the beginning of the summer he rode his bike a lot. Then he was away for 2 weeks, and spent 3 more weeks at the zoo . Not much bike riding.

So now he has a get-in-shape plan: ride to the river and back twice a day.


Anonymous said...

How far is the river?

Vanessa said...

He's such an industrious guy!

Louise said...

MAN, that boy is going places!

smalltownmom said...

The river's about a mile and a half away.

However, Ernest's resolve was not as strong as I thought, because he did not ride yesterday. He used the excuse that his friend had come over that afternoon, but I pointed out he was laying in bed all morning!

We'll see what he does today!