Friday, December 26, 2008

Pie in the Sky

These practically perfect pies, made on Christmas Eve, were supposed to be saved for Christmas Day dinner. (Yes, that is a Pi sign in the middle of the apple...that's a tradition.)

Who did I think I was kidding? We dug into them right after presents. But was quite enough left for the next day. And the next. And so on and so on....

Frank was happy because he got an effects box for his guitar, and 2 movies. Ernest got a new video game, an awesome book, and 2 tie-dye T-shirts. The HH and I were happy because we were safe and warm in a cozy house on a rainy day. What could be better than that?

One of my friends at work went to Chicago for Christmas. And I keep seeing news reports about people stranded in the Chicago airport. I hope they are staying longer.

And somehow, despite my efforts to go stocking-free, Santa couldn't stand to overlook us on Christmas morning.

For those of you like me, who can't read that fine print (like Mr. H the P.E. teacher who couldn't read his credit card number at the new video store tonight) here is the text of Santa's note:

Hello you little disloyal band of unbelievers.
I don't understand how you thought NO STOCKINGS could stop me.
I still believe in you.
Love, Santa

Those small gold boxes of See's Truffles have been a tradition around here for longer than I care to count.


dkuroiwa said...

I'll have to show Issei your letter from Santa...yet another one "he" printed out on the computer...he was a bit skeptical of this is proof!! :-D
And stockings?!?! What were you thinking?!?! Truffles don't need no stinkin' stockings!! yummmmm!!
The pies look delish...mmmmm..wonder if I have time to make an apple? Got all the ingredients...hmmm...we'll see!
Enjoy the weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Is that money I see tucked in between the boxes of candy? Sweet!!
Your pies look yummy. I'm of the opinion that pie makes the world a better place!

Vanessa said...

I love the note from Santa! Pi in the pie is a fun tradition, very cute. Glad it was a good holiday for you and the family!

Dave said...

Pies have a limited time on this planet. There are no bad pies, only different ones.
Ahhhhh pies glorious pies!!



LemonySarah said...

Yum yum yum yum yum! Pie and Sees! BTW, your pies look perfect - clearly, you've done this before.

Which reminds me. my mall is getting a permanet Sees shop soon so I can stock up on all sorts of treats, especially Butterscotch Pops!

barbra said...

Those are great-looking pies! I love the Pi sign tradition! I'm surprised my mom didn't think of that.

Love that Santa came against the odds! He's a festive one, that Santa!