Friday, December 05, 2008


I saw that word a few weeks ago on's word of the day, and I have been savoring it, treasuring it, and waiting for the perfect occasion to use it.

Horripilation: A real or fancied bristling of the hair of the head or body, resulting from disease, terror, chilliness, etc. Goosebumps. You know that creepy crawly deliciously shivery feeling!

Ernest and I saw Sweeney Todd on stage last night:

And I had horipillation. It was awesome.

Here's Mrs. Lovett (Carrie Cimma) and Sweeney Todd (Merritt David Janes). During "A Little Priest," she made him crack. Is there a technical theatrical term for that? When the actor starts laughing and can't continue? (I saw it happen to Nathan Lane in "The Odd Couple.")

We were in New York in 2006 when the revival was on Broadway, and I was sorry we didn't get to see it then. Too many shows, too little time.
Unfortunately the Handy Husband had to work, and Frank just bailed on us. Ernest and I decided to go out to dinner beforehand, so we had a lovely evening.


barbra said...

That's awesome that you and Ernest went to see it! I hope my son likes theater when he gets a little older. I hope we can afford to buy tickets to theater. My parents had season tickets when I was growing up - we saw all the big shows. I wish we could make that happen for our kids.

Mrs. Lovett is such a great part. I found H.B.C. disappointing in the movie.

Vanessa said...

Can I borrow him sometime? You always have the best outings with Ernest!