Sunday, December 07, 2008

For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

We had a great time at the AC/DC concert, once we finally sat down! We hid a dead end walking around the lobby, turned around, hit another dead end, finally got into the arena, walked all the way around to the other side and battled vertigo climbing up into the nosebleed section to our seats. When we got there, a giant pillar was in our way! Oops, we were in the wrong section. We finally found the seats. Actually, not too bad. We looked straight down at the side of the stage (better than being all the way in the back). It was fun to look out at the sea of blinking red horns!

Photo from

The opening act was The Answer, a hard rocking band from Belfast, Ireland. Lead singer Cormac Neeson had hair like Ernest (if Ernest brushed it out) and sounded like Robert Plant. They were smokin'! "Cheers!"

Here's the opening we couldn't see, from our seats at the side. (We did have a good view of Angus's bald spot, a little incongruous with the schoolboy costume!)

The show was full of great classic tunes. Even the new stuff sounded like the classics. At one point the beat changed and they went into She's Got the Jack, which included an Angus Young striptease.

BeefCake or ManCake, he's not. ScrawnyChickenCake?

Here's the end, complete with cannons!

Fun! We had a great time. In the "it's a the small world" area, I ran into a fellow mom at the store today...her boy and Ernest went to pre-school together. She mentioned her son liking AC/DC and I said, "we saw them last night!" Turns out she had seen them long ago in San Francisco, early in their career.

Can't wait for our last concert of the year, on the Handy Husband's birthday. I'll leave you hanging as to who we are going to see!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you!!

Hen said...

I've been invited to a Take That concert next year...I really, really, really don't want to go!!!!

Concerts are great fun when you like the act! We saw Elton in the summer, but I suspect ACDC was dryer!!!

dkuroiwa said...

Oh My Gawd!!!!!
Just the opening video had me laughing over here!! LOVE IT!!!
Concerts here are bit more....subdued...oh how I do miss a good kick ass concert in the States!!!
I'm going to be singing Highway to Hell all day now!!!

Vanessa said...

Sounds like an awesome concert, but what a clifhanger! Who's the next show?

Tricia said...

I haven't heard an AC/DC song in forever! Glad you had a good time.

Memarie Lane said...

Brad is sooooooo jealous!