Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The Handy Husband picked out his own birthday gift (besides the tickets to the concert we are going to next week).

It arrived today, 8 days before his birthday. (the 9th plus 8 equals the 17th -- I can do second grade math in my head unlike most of the second graders I worked with today.)

Ernest unpacked it and set it up and we earlybirds are using it right now, even though the handy husband isn't home yet. We were like the people that appear before your garage sale is open.

Is that fair? To open his present before he even got here???? Yes, it's a Blu-ray player and I got Sleeping Beauty for it! TOTALLY fair. (I assure you, there's also a man movie for him to watch when he finally comes home. )

Besides, Ernest plugged it in and set it up for him. Now the HH can kick back and enjoy it, without any of the work. (He used to tell me I could never leave him, because I couldn't set up the stereo. Hey, I could deal with the old stereo, but this TV stuff is weirdly complicated. HDMI? How Do Machines Irritate? Ernest seems to have the knack, though. The HH had better watch out!)

OMG, the picture is so clear. The Eyvind Earle backgrounds look like real paintings now. Kind of like that blue precious in the background. I walk by that every day and imagine that tree guarding a precipice...I step off and I am in fairy tale land.

Oh, we need a close-up. Tra la la, I am leaving for fairy tale land now. I'll visit my ancestors, the Brothers Grimm and see what weird characters they have met up with. See you later.


Jen said...

And what did the HH think?

David said...

Just watched "Dark Knight" the new Batman movie on Blueray last night. highly recommend renting the Blueray edition.

Anonymous said...

No fair! He shouldn't get his gift until his actual birthday!!

BTW - Love! the picture. I'm in fiary land with you!

Tricia said...

Very, very cool!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I don't understand this Blu-Ray thing. Is it like Twitter? I don't understand that either. Oy.