Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Following is a Special Report...Followed by Something Completely Different

We hereby interrupt the travelog to say that, the last we heard, there will be no funeral procession to Neverland Ranch. Cancel those hotel reservations, folks. Unless you just want to come up to visit, shop, and drink some fine wine. It's highly unlikely that Neverland will become another Graceland. People around here are rather NIMBY. And it's such a nice backyard, I can't blame them. But Larry King thinks there's still a story here...stay tuned tonight.

The HH turned on Anderson Cooper's CNN coverage last night and then promptly ignored it to look up car stuff on the computer. Excuse me, but I got my fill of AC yesterday subbing for Regis -- and I paraphrase here: "like this one time, at band camp when I was a kid, my mom took me to studio 54, and there was this guy, and it turned out to be Michael Jackson." Anderson, your mom was Gloria Vanderbilt. Admit what you are.

So I flipped to my Michael Buble DVD. (I saw him last summer.) (And then I lost the rest of this post so I had to rewrite it.) So leave it to me to turn this post into something completely different.

Michael Buble -- Sway

Which led me to Dean Martin Sway. I'm really liking Dean lately.

Which further led me to Julie London , my beloved Rosemary, and Bobby Rydell.

And a "historical version?"

Sway with me while we ignore the Michael Jackson business for one more day.


Mom on the Run said...

I am sooooo over it. This morning I turned it to BBC America so I could see some news that was not wall to wall MJ.

jenn said...

No funeral at Neverland? Well, darn...there goes my summer vacation plans.


Dawn in Austin said...

I love the Dean Martin Sway. I've always been a little older than my age as far as music and movies go.

Anyway, just saying HI to my new friends from Women's Colony.

Have a great 4th of July!

Louise said...

I have NO problems ignoring Michael Jackson, but THIS! If there is a song we like as much as Mambo Italiano, it's this. (My 7-year-old is here and just told me this is her favorite song.) If I were to ever crumble enough to karaoke (unlikely), this is the song that would make me do it!