Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beer Me! (San Diego Day 4)

We stopped at Old Town on our way out of San Diego.

And then there was the MAN THING for the day. Not cars or planes or aircraft carriers today, but beer. When we were planning the trip, the HH said, "We need to go to the Stone Brewing Company." That was the only place he specifically wanted to see. So I looked up their website and printed a map. Which is good, because the nav system couldn't locate them. They don't even have a sign on the building! But thanks to their accurate map, we found them in Escondido. The tour is free, and you get 4 shots of beer afterwards!

The tour guide can drink beer on the job! Best job ever???

Not too far away was the Wild Animal Park. Grazing Giraffes...

And feather-fluffing flamingos.

We drove into the mountains to Julian, a gold town. We stayed at the Julian Hotel, a charming B&B, in our own private cottage.

No TV or wireless -- we had to rough it on our private deck, watching Iron Man on the laptop. It's a tough life!

So what do you do in a gold town? Stay tuned.


Susan said...

Tom and I stayed in one of the cottages there for New Year's Eve in 1983. I loved Julian. Too early for apples, though.

Louise said...

Loving that B&B!!!! I never watch movies when I travel, but I'd make an exception for Iron Man!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'm so glad you got over to Stone and the Wild Animal Park and Old Town and Julian and Coronado and and and.

You done well!