Thursday, July 09, 2009

Back to San Diego (Day 3)

You may all be bored by my trip but I am enjoying reliving it.

Jenn braved the bridge (as seen from my window) to join me for lunch.

Parking at the Del is ridiculously expensive, so she picked me up and we drove a few blocks and found a spot with a meter. Cost? About a dollar! And just around the corner was the Costa Azul. How perfect was that? Their tasty margaritas hit the spot. Jenn and I had a wonderful lunch. She is just as open and inspiring in person as on her blog. Jenn, I truly admire you.

If I'd planned ahead, I could have gotten a pedicure. As it was, the spa's available times conflicted with lunch so I forged ahead with naked toes (but those are a brand new pair of La Plume Leopard slides just for the occasion).

Perhaps the margarita was responsible for my directing the HH the wrong way on our way to the harbor. Fortunately the car's nav system pointed us in the right direction. We toured the USS Midway. He liked the Pink Floyd sticker on the berth.

We walked around the harbor and enjoyed the Urban Trees Project.

We ate some great italian food and walked around the Gaslamp District. He saw some hot cars down a james bondian Aston Martin, and the Bentley which passed by us at dinner. (Although I don't think there are any hot cars in this picture.) There were so many wonderful places to see... the weather was great... the people were wonderful -- oh, I forgot to mention the Italian waiter who looked even more handsome than Handsome Rob and was so happy we liked the wine he recommended)...

I like this sign! But truthfully, I didn't buy myself ANYTHING on this trip.

He'd BETTER say that, after what I told you about yesterday!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I'm sorry to have missed meeting you while you were here. I'm so glad you had a good time!

jenn said...

What a great day!

Louise said...

This is so fun (and definitely not boring)! The sign is perfect!