Thursday, July 23, 2009

What the Dads are Doing

My dad is having surgery tomorrow. His doctor is optimistic. I decided not to make the trip to Seattle for the surgery, we are going to wait and see how his recovery progresses.

My husband's father is also in the hospital. Nothing so serious, but he's had a bad month and the combination of stress and reaction to medication laid him low. He hopes to be released tomorrow.

And the handy dad in our house? Is excited but nervous, since his "baby" was delivered yesterday. His labor pains were far less intense than mine were. It's funny, he had the delivery before the gestation! Now he's got months of building ahead of him.

Ernest likes the project already and is in the garage helping his dad. [I don't dare upload pictures right now since Ernest is multi-tasking and also downloading digital copies of movies for my iPod.]

Dinner is late, as usual. Life interferes!


Anonymous said...

Prayers and best wishes for all the Dads.

jenn said...

Thinking of both your dads...

Louise said...

So much testosterone in this post! I'm hoping all the dads are OK.