Friday, July 24, 2009

Noises in the Night

There's always something that wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Last night it was a beep. A beep? Turns out it was a text message on my phone, which was in the kitchen. Loud little bugger.

The night before, it was snoring as usual. And when I went to the bathroom, through the open window I could also hear the next door neighbor snoring! Sometimes there's no escape.

Prior to that, it was quarrelling squirrels.

I wonder what tonight's noise will be. (UPDATE: The HH talking in his sleep. I wish I could have figured out what he was saying.)


jenn said...

I am famous for hearing things that go bump in the night. My husband just wishes I wouldn't wake him up to share them with him. (and make him go check out the freaky ones...)

Louise said...

You unfortunate light sleeper, you. Me, too, and I hate it. And my youngest daughter (the beast) is as well. So when she wakes up, we ALL know it!

Schiller said...

Boy, I'm glad to hear that other women are hearing things too. We've been keeping our windows open at night because it has been so warm, and I hear everything. Our house also creaks, and I swear that it is an axe murder. Conrad just comments on my active imagination and then goes back to sleep. Oh well.

We're glad that your father is fine Heidi. We had a scare with my father earlier this year, but he is ok too.

We're hoping the rest of the year is worry free for everyone.