Friday, July 03, 2009

Tales from the Hotel Del

Oh, I love hotels, especially hotels with character and personality. Hotels where you know you are at that one unique place in the world, and there is no carbon copy in another town.

We started off with a beautiful garden view.

After I enjoyed the view, I turned on the computer. Where had I been all day? My jaw dropped...
"Handy Husband," I cried, interrupting his fun. "You need to flip to the news RIGHT NOW!" Me telling him to flip channels is quite unusual. "Yes, dear." No, he really wasn't going to watch one of these. He said he was just looking.

Then I turned to look at him lying on the bed, and the bed looked awfully small.

I exaggerated a little, but I'm not a computer artist. I had booked a king. I had proof on my Orbitz receipt. However, the Orbitz room was quite a bit cheaper than the hotel website, so who knows?? Anyway, Julian at the front desk changed our room with no problems. I didn't mind giving up the patio for the king size bed. This bay-view room was on the third floor, so we rode the brass elevator. Scroll down on that link - it's the 2nd picture. While the uniforms have since been updated, I swear it is the same man!

Corporate Secretaries were having a big beach party. We enjoyed their band from a distance.

We didn't find any ghosts. But we did find "dessert" at the ENO wine bar. Here's a Smalltown Mom Useful Tidbit. Yes, I know what that acronym spells --- Wine by the bottle is 25% off if you get it to go. The man behind the counter was so knowledgeable, but not in the snooty snobby way I have grown to hate. He was more like a wine detective or a wine doctor...asked a few questions.... poured a few samples... and arrived at a perfect prescription. The first night: an Argentine white. The second, a Baxter 2003 syrah.

Ahhh, the evenings.... Lovely...


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

OMG. I love the stick figure on the bed!!!

Mooselet said...

Such pretty views of the beach. Looks delightful.

And I never realized that "pubic hair" is a selling point in p0rn.