Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adding on to the list

Ernest promises to start packing soon*, as he is leaving next week. (*sooner than the night before, which is what happened last year. )

We have made some interesting discoveries...

Not only does Ecuador use U.S. currency, but the electricity voltage and plugs are the same. Whoo-hoo. One less thing to worry about.

In cleaning out Ernest's dresser, we discovered he really needs some new boxers. Since he grew 4 inches in the last year, I have replaced a lot of pants and shoes, but the unmentionables remained unmentionable, tucked away in the drawer. When I was finally allowed to check, I found size 8 SpongeBob choners in there. Obviously at 5' 10.5" and 131 lbs., they weren't fitting any more but they were still there (I saved them for posterity, along with this SpongeBob Tshirt. Quilt material?)

There is no place to buy men's undergarments in our small town. There's a lingerie store (which might have a small men's selection) in part of a hair salon, but their sign says "use the back door" which does not give me a good impression. Maybe CVS has underwear? Oh, and the western store in another small village has the red longjohns, but I don't think Ernest would go for that.

No, definitely not.

However, he's got a yen for something that can only be found at a big boys' hobby store in a big town, so we are taking a trip there tomorrow. But before he gets to the Big Boy Toys, he's got to brave the trip to Target for the boxers and other various sundry items.

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