Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ernest has to be at the airport early tomorrow, and since I'm not interested at getting up at 2 am to drive him there, we came down tonight and are enjoying room-service and free wi-fi. And the columns of light at the airport entrance...I always pick the closest hotel even though I don't really like their sleep number beds.

So, we can sleep till 5. Joys... While he remembered the passport, other smaller things were forgotten. The retainers, remembered when we were only a few miles away from home, we went back for. The watch? Stopped at a Target. The reusable water bottle (not realizing it was left at home until we got to the hotel)? Hopefully there will be one at an airport gift shop tomorrow morning. It's always something. One year Frank forgot his belt, which was a bigger deal than you would think.

Now I won't have any going away pictures because I forgot a camera. So here he is, leaving 2 years ago. And leaving last year. (Maybe I can get a crappy picture from my cell phone.)


barbra said...

Bon voyage, kiddo!

Jen on the Edge said...

By the time you get this, he'll be off on his big adventure. I love the way your guys are doing so many interesting things.