Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ernest's Itinerary, Part 1

Day 1, Travel Day
Day 2-3 Quito and the Equator.

Ernest will be interested in the whirlpool effect at the equator. Frank was supposed to test which way the toilets swirled when he went to Australia a few years ago, but he said the toilets jetted water from either side too fast to tell.

Their first dinner is supposed to include " a select menu of Ecuadorian foods." That's better than when he went to England and had Mexican food the first night! But we've watched a little too much Bizarre Foods at our house...who knows what he will be eating?

They are also going to the famous market at Otavalo city, visiting Cuicocha Lake, and seeing the Folkloric Ballet.

Then, on to the Galapagos Islands.

Stay Tuned...

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