Monday, June 28, 2010

And Here's Yet Another "Bye, Mom" Picture

After spending a ridiculously long time in the seriously under-staffed "special services" line, he was lucky to have made it to the plane with a whole 15 minutes to spare. No time for breakfast. We're not even sure if his suitcase will make it with him...

Fortunately Ernest is a wonderfully calm child young man. Mom is a frazzled wreck right now. Yes, he's flying on I didn't have a choice Delta, the airline which mixed up two unaccompanied minors. (All the paperwork goes into a red-labeled envelope...I can see how they could have mixed them up,,,but I really wish I hadn't looked up these other stories.)

Fortunately, there was only one of Ernest and I saw him walk down the tunnel to the plane. (What do you call that tunnel? Gangway? Gangplank? I looked it up -- "airbridge." Now you know.) And someone non-Delta was meeting him in Atlanta to take him to his connecting flight.

I haven't heard from him yet...he was supposed to call in Atlanta but he didn't (I am thinking cell phone trouble, forgetfulness, or too busy with the meet-and-greet). I did call the organizers who assured me everyone got there OK.

Next plane departed 12 minutes ago, according to

But you can understand why I am a teary-eyed, snuffly mess right now. I miss him already, but when I post some of his itinerary you'll see what an amazing opportunity this is.

Bon voyage, Ernest.


dkuroiwa said...

okay...first of all...{{hugs}} to you my friend (i give good ones!!).

It's amazing to see how that young man has changed since i have started "visiting" you....what a great kid!!! and yeah...what a great adventure he is going on!!!
Don't you wish we had had these kind of chances when WE were young?!?!
Hang in there, momma....the time will fly by so quickly...for the both of you!!!

Susan said...

It will be a great adventure for both of you!

Jen said...

He might be big but you still want to know he's there ok! Hope you've heard from him now.

jenn said...

You must be a wreck! Forgetting to call would absolutely be something my kid would do, too. I hope he has a wonderful time!

Aunt Snow said...

Lucky lucky kid!! Don't worry, mom, he'll do fine.