Friday, September 24, 2010


My husband came home last night from a lengthy business trip to the O C. After slogging through the Friday night traffic on the 405/101, he ended up at an Olive Garden in Oxnard at 9 PM.

Strangely, his waiter had the same first name and Handy said there were several other physical similarities, although the waiter was 10-15 years younger. So he went through some Doppelgänger angst. After my usual sympathetic responses, my next thought was... So what? You're in a far better place than he will ever be in 15 years.

But that made me wonder...

What has MY Doppelgänger been up to? Several ago, when I went to Curves, there was a woman who was annoyingly insistent that she knew me. She quizzed me relentlessly. Where did I go to school, where did I work, who did I know, etc. Saying, "I don't know you," just didn't turn her off. She was annoying and intrusive, and I was very uncomfortable with her questioning.


Obviously, she must have met my Doppelgänger. But if that woman was so familiar with my "D", why haven't "D" and I crossed paths?

Which led me to wonder what my Doppelgänger was up to 15 years ago. Would she be married to the Olive Garden waiter?

Would my D have been facing a layoff and a new more stressful job, wondering if she should get pregnant again, and choosing to go for the baby (which happened quite quickly) as an excuse to quit if the job got too bad. And 15 years later that baby is quite awesome.

Or would she have a completely different story? Which makes me wonder where she is. Because that woman was so sure I was her, I feel "D" has to exist somewhere.

Do you have a double somewhere?


Jason, as himself said...

Such interesting questions.

Yes, I have a double.

His name is Ricky Martin.

Lisa Paul said...

Traveling through Europe as a teen, everyone thought I was Tatum O'Neal (Paper Moon had just come out). I was annoyed as I was a few years older. Then decades later in the 90s, people were always thinking I was Hilary Clinton -- which was really annoying as I am so much younger and thinner. In both cases, the only similarity I could see was an unfortunate case of the same haircut.

Aunt Snow said...

I haven't even met someone with my same first name!!

If I had a doppelganger, I would hope she got to do all the cool things I never let myself do!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think I have one everywhere--I am always getting that, "I'm sure I know you" or "You look just like . . ."